Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pastéis de Nata

I love Lisbon.

Anybody who has spoken with me since I returned from Europe would already know that. My heart was stolen by the narrow winding streets, rattling cable cars, sunny views of the coast, friendly locals and the pastry... the amazing, life-changing Portuguese pastry. It seemed that on every street corner there was a pastelaria displaying the perfectly crafted variations of puff pastry, custard, almond and egg fillings and flaky crusts.

Feeling ambitious on this beautifully brisk Sunday morning in Chicago I decided to give these pastries a try. I think it was more an attempt to relive the moments of pure happiness as I laid in a park, eating Pasteis de Belem, savoring the days of travel.

Anyway, they tasted good, a little heavy, NOTHING compared to the original but I would say a successful first effort. Check out the recipe I used and read more about the history of the Portuguese custard pastry here.

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