Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Georgia Peach Tart... a beautiful disaster

I spent this past weekend in Atlanta with Nikki and we decided we would bake something together to post. We emailed ideas like Boston cream pie, a thirteen layer cake or possibly an apple pie. I arrived Friday morning and we had breakfast at a restaurant called The Flying Biscuit where we ate the BEST homemade southern biscuits, grits and pancakes with peach compote. The peach pancakes were amazing and gave us the idea to make something using the delicious Georgia peach.

After breakfast we ventured to a store called Cake Art which turned out to be a mecca for baking and decorating supplies. It was overwhelmingly wonderful, Nikki and I perused every aisle and bought things we needed (tart pans and cookie cutters) and things we definitely didn't need (rolled fondant).

With our newly purchased tart pans we decided to make a Peach tart. To make a long story short... we bought peaches, peeled and sliced them, made the tart, baked the tart and... woops it came out horrible. It was not set in the middle, burnt to a crisp on the outside and the peaches turned a very strange purple color. Sadly our joint baking effort was a disaster! Although, I think in its early stages it looked pretty good..

Oh well. You can't win them all.

Nikki- please upload a picture of the final disaster if you have it!

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