Monday, March 15, 2010

bake. chicago.

I have a new boyfriend, his name is Alex. He is ADORABLE with perfect dimples + dark hair at the ripe old age of 2. I met him a new(ish) bakery I've been wanting to try called Bake, located on North Ave. in the cutest little store front space. We went in late on Sunday afternoon each ordered a coffee and drooled over what was left in the cases, finally settling on a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake. As we went to sit down we were approached by the owner's son who was carrying his blanket and a sippy cup of apple juice. Alex happily showed us where his chair was and gave us both our assigned seats. I was told to sit in the chair across from him and my mom was left at a table by herself.

our chocolate peanut butter cupcake. delicious.

We soon dove into our cupcake and as we finished it Alex asked us where it had gone. I explained to him that we had eaten it all and with that Alex took off muttering "cupcake" over and over again. We assumed he was just bored of us but then we looked behind the counter to see a mini set of hands prying open the cold case. Alex was soon inside the case pulling out a white cupcake that was almost as big as his head (sadly I did not get a picture of this). He carried it all the way back to the table and put it directly on my plate where the wrapper of the first cupcake remained. This is when I was certain our future together would be a happy one. That little nugget sure knows the way to a girl's heart. I will definitely go back to bake and not just because I met my future husband + was given a free cupcake.

Check out bake here - it's a great space with wonderful sweets! FYI Alex is there on Sundays.

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